How We Came To Be VitaePlant

Vitae Plant – MY story. How the birth of our company came to be.

It was Fall of 2018 and my best friend and I had spent the previous 12 months planning an exciting European trip to visit several Christmas Festivals, when I started having severe arthritis in my knees. It quickly progressed to where I could hardly walk without experiencing excruciating pain. This was a BIG problem as our whole trip was going to be focused on walking through Europe! After several trips to the doctor, I received a series of shots in my knee, which actually cost me over $2000 out-of-pocket and was supposed to last 9-12 months. Well it lasted three weeks!  At least long enough for me to have an enjoyable vacation in Europe walking through the markets!  But then….. the pain returned and I felt hopeless! I did not want to have surgery! So at the recommendation of my doctor, I considered CBD Hemp Oil as an alternative treatment.

I knew exactly who to turn to as I had a friend, Dean Donlon who had spent years in the Hemp Industry. Dean sent me some product to try. I took the capsules the first night and the next day I woke up and couldn’t believe that when I stood up there was no pain. I thought to myself – NO WAY! This cannot work that fast! After texting Dean assuring him it had to be my placebo effect, he encouraged me to just keep trying it!

Well, a week later I called him with SIX pages of questions, with the final question being: How can I get involved with this product so I can help others experience this life-altering product?  I had absolutely no more pain in my knees, plus I felt like I was 20 years old again! I never knew how bad my body was hurting until I was pain-free after taking this Hemp Oil. One of the other benefits I experienced was I had more energy and people noticed!

With a lot of patience, perseverance and faith from Dean who allowed me to partner with him, and partnering with another great friend who had incredible business experience, Vitae Plant was born!

I have spent hundreds of hours researching different types of hemp products and learning about the different types, qualities and strengths (isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum). I was shocked at the bad products available on the market while at the same time I was reassured that Vitae Plant was one of the BEST products available today!

After starting Vitae Plant and sharing the products with friends, family and new clients I can’t express how grateful I am to see other’s experiencing their life-changing experiences of using Vitae Plant Hemp Oil.

While no Hemp/CBD product can legally make claims, I can only share what I experienced and what other’s who have tried Vitae Plant experienced. I can say I would rather take an all natural product rather than pharmaceuticals which I know can harm my body. I can say my life has been changed in so many ways using Vitae Plant and I hope yours can too!

Tawna Spoor

Co-Founder and President Vitae Plant, LLC