333 mg Full-Spectrum CBD Mini Roll-on


  • 10 ml Hemp Seed Oil with 333 mg of CBD
  • Natural Oils
  • Fragrance Free

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333 mg Full-Spectrum CBD Mini Roll-on


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It’s here!! The mini version of our best selling roll-on. The same potency as our regular roll-on, just at 1/3 the size (and a lower price).

Our complex CBD Mini Roll-on bottle brings together nature’s finest oils in perfect harmony. This CBD Oil filled mini roll-on can complement any type of skin maintenance condition or need. It’s great for sunburn or most other skin irritations. It provides just the right balance of light, velvety smooth, and non-greasy hydration while also giving long lasting slip and gliding action. Our Mini Roll-on won’t leave with that heavy, oily after feel!

Let’s take a look at some fast facts about our CBD Oil Mini Roll-on in order to introduce you to its many wonderful qualities:

  • 10 ml CBD Oil with 333 mg of CBD
  • Natural Oils
  • Fragrance-Free

Have you been looking for the best Roll-on that money can buy? Well, lucky for you, your search ends here. This CBD Oil Mini Roll-on is filled with rich, nourishing oils that will treat your skin with a heavenly touch.

CBD Roll-on Ingredients

Wondering what you’ll find in our CBD Oil Mini Roll-on?

Here is the list of ingredients: 333 mg all natural full-spectrum Hemp Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Ylang Ylang, and Lime.  That’s it–simple and pure.

In case you’ve never heard of Ylang Ylang, it’s an oil made from the flowers of the herb Cananga Odorata Genuina.  People apply ylang ylang oil to the skin to promote relaxation, kill bacteria, lower blood pressure, and increase sexual desire. It is also part of a combination spray used to kill head lice.  The smell of ylang ylang oil in aromatherapy is used for memory and thinking skills.  In foods and beverages, ylang ylang oil is used as a flavoring.  In manufacturing, it is used as a fragrance for cosmetics and soaps.

We make sure to use high quality ingredients to ensure that we provide our customers with the best of the best. We want you to trust us and keep coming back again and again to buy our wonderful products. That’s why we deliver on our promise of providing you the best of the best — even when it comes to our CBD oil filled mini roll-on.


Not sure how to use our Mini Roll-on? While we can’t teach you massage techniques, we can teach you the best way to make the most of your CBD Oil experience.

Always make sure to use the right amount. If you use too little, you may feel friction, but if you use too much, you may make a mess. Feel free to use it liberally — you want to make sure to use enough to keep the oil gliding along smooth and comfortably. Get a small amount and use it up, then go back for more as you need it. Give it some time to allow it to soak in to do it’s work.

Don’t worry: using too much will not have any ill effects beyond making a mess! Applying too much CBD Oil to yourself will not get you high or anything along those lines.

So, how exactly do you use the CBD Oil mini roll on?

Massage a small amount on to the skin as needed. Rub it deep into the muscles, taking care to work out any kinks and do what feels good to the muscles. Repeat as desired or needed.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Yep, that’s it! Using our roll-on couldn’t be simpler. It requires no special instructions. Just rub it in and you’ll be good to go.

The Patch Test

As with any skin or external product, you should always do a patch test. Trying the new product out on a small area of your skin before you introduce the product to the entirety of your skin is just a wise idea. By doing this, you may be able to prevent a serious skin emergency!

Though CBD products are gentle and nourishing to the skin in most cases, you can never be too careful when it comes to your body’s largest organ. Before applying CBD Oil or any other CBD product to your skin, apply it to a small area or spot only. Wait a few minutes and make sure that nothing happens and your skin has no reaction. As long as your skin seems to be reacting well to the new product, you can go ahead and apply it generally, liberally, and however, you would like.

Can I use it if I have sensitive skin?

Of course, if any irritation does develop, you should discontinue use immediately. Then, you might want to possibly consult with your dermatologist.
Most of the time, CBD is very gentle on the skin and only has a positive effect. It’s unlikely that you will experience irritation unless you tend to be prone to it. Have you tried using CBD Roll on oil?

Most patients feel unsure about using medical marijuana. Cannabis is still associated with the ‘high’ you get from it. But CBD, unlike most forms of marijuana, has no psychoactive side effects and offers many health benefits.

Studies have shown CBD can even help to reduce pain. Plus, it is safe to use every day. In addition, CBD helps reduce inflammation and may prevent pain in the long term. CBD is a safer alternative to harmful prescription medication and painkillers.

Benefits of CBD Mini Roll On

What’s the use of CBD? Wondering why people even turn to CBD in the first place? The answer is quite simple. CBD is a wonderful plant product that is making headlines.

Why? Well, it seems to be working wonders for people. People report a surprising variety of benefits through their use of CBD. For example, CBD is thought to be able to help with everything from Alzheimer’s to epilepsy to anxiety and depression. Of course, it is not a medical treatment and the FDA has not provided its seal of approval yet. Still, the changes that CBD has already created in recent years are astounding.

In fact, people are even turning to CBD for their pets! Yep, that’s right. You can use CBD oil to help treat your furry friend’s issues with anxiety, nervousness, chronic pain, and more. Many people are reporting that CBD has helped to give their pet added comfort and quality of life.

But what makes CBD so popular? There are a few factors to consider here.

CBD Won’t Get You High

Yes, you read that right. CBD will not get you high. By this point, you may be wondering how that could possibly be. It’s simple. Though CBD is an extract that comes from the cannabis family of plants, it does not contain all of the cannabinoids that you would typically find in marijuana.
Namely, pure CBD products like our Roll-on do not contain the cannabinoid THC. THC is the chemical responsible for producing the psycho active, or high, effect that most people associate with marijuana use. Without THC, marijuana products merely offer the wonderful benefits of marijuana but without the sometimes-undesired side effect.

Are there any side effects?

The great news is that CBD often comes from hemp plants. These hemp plants are grown for more industrial purposes, like clothing, rope, animal feed, and more. Hemp plants are not what growers harvest when they want to produce a powerful recreational marijuana product. Instead, hemp has very little value when it comes to recreational use. Since it will not get you high, it must be put toward other purposes.

And that’s where hemp derived products like our pure CBD items come in. These products provide many of the nourishing, healthful, and beneficial effects that marijuana promises, and yet they will not get you high.

It’s like the best of both worlds or getting to have your cake and eat it too. That’s why people love, love, love their CBD!

CBD Has So Many Uses

CBD is also popular for its varied nature. It can work for so many wonderful uses! People love to do everything from vape CBD to swallow it in pill form to rub it on their skin — or in this case, massage it in. There are many ways to get your daily dose of CBD intake.

Sure, CBD may help to provide pain relief and nourish internal systems, but CBD oil can also have positive effects on the skin. Using it externally is a trend that’s only growing in popularity. You’re sure to see more and more CBD products arise in the fields of skin care, lotions, nutrition, beauty, supplements, and more. Many people are turning to CBD for its healing and soothing effects that help to calm and uplift.


The many ways you can take CBD only add to its appeal. You can vape it. Rub it on your skin. Eat it. Mix it into a smoothie. Smear it on your lips. Give it to your dog. Cook with it. Swallow it. Drink it. Give your partner a massage with it. Take a bubble bath with it. Diffuse it into the air. The options are seemingly endless!

With all the ways to take CBD, you’re sure to find a great intake option that fits your lifestyle.


Disclaimer: The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires this notice.

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